Second Day, More Lobster

Day two of our food trip consisted of sleeping in and then taking a walk to Perkins Cove which had some awesome food spots. Starting off with some lunch at Barnacle Bills which is suppose to have one of the best lobster rolls in Ogunquit Maine. There’s two buildings for Barnacle Bills ones a sit down and ones a pinic style. I was werey of ordering the lobster roll only because it said lobster salad and I figured it would be mixed with green stuff but to my surprise It was very lobstery with only a few pieces of celery. It also came with a side of fries which was great. The lobster roll was 20.95 which is a decent price, but still a little high for the size of the sandwich. The bun it came in was buttery and warm ten times better then McDonald’s bun.. The lobster was fresh but wasn’t a lot on it. If it wasn’t for the fries I would’ve had to order another one. This lobster roll gets 8/10 grub points. We also heard of this place called Footbridge Lobster that has a lobster grilled cheese so after lunch we headed over to try it. One grilled cheese was 14.99 and well worth it! By far the best thing I’ve eaten this trip. The bread was toasted perfectly and buttered up, the cheese was melted in and HUGE chunks of fresh lobster that filled the sandwich. I only had half but could’ve eaten two more. 9/10 grub points for this lobster grilled cheese that is the highlight of the trip so far.


Pick Your Own Lobster Dinner

We made it up to our destination which was Ogunquit Maine and it was just about dinner time. We heard good things about this place called the Lobster Pound, so we decided to eat there. Plus it was down the road from all the commotion. When we first arrived we put our names in and waited about 20 mins and then got a table. It was crowded but huge inside so wasn’t too bad. There menu was pretty simple. And if you didn’t want lobster there were plenty of options. But of course I got the lobster and two sides. What’s cool about this place was once you ordered your food you got a ticket to go pick out your lobster from a big tank. There they would weigh your lobster and determine the price based on the lobsters size. You’d get another ticket to hand to the waitress so your food can come. We also got some steamed clams for anappetizer  which were amazing. Dipped in salt water and butter made it ten times better too. The lobsters came and didn’t disappoint. My first experience with main lobster and it was awesome. They crack and prepare the lobster for you so it’s easy eating. Giant claws and a great tasting tail. Usually the tails are too chewy for my liking but this was perfect. Unfortanely we are staying near a more touristy area then some places in Maine so the prices are a little much. So for 4 lobsters totaling 7.4 pounds it was 144.49! Not including drinks, sides, and the clams!! But it was a good experience picking your lobster and the atmosphere was alright. Judging only for the lobster I’d give it 8/10 grub points but overall experience 6.5/10. 


First Post, First stop on Food Road Trip

So the first grub stop for lunch for me this trip had to be McDonald’s to see if they had the infamous lobster roll. Luckily a little town in New Hampshire had em!! For the price of one roll, being 8.99 and Adding a drink and fries for 2.99 more which is pretty steep for a McDonald’s meal for one. But compared to most lobster roll places isn’t that bad. I got it with out leaf and shredded lettuce cause I was going for the Luke’s lobster taste.. And I hate green food. It was fresh, cold lobster and a warm classic McDonald’s patty. There was about two claw pieces of lobster then what looked like lobster salad for the rest. The bun was very McDonald like. It was kinda stale and had sesame seeds on top. But I’d have to say the lobster did drowned out that stale bun taste. Overall I give it a solid 7.5/10 grub points, and if i was in New England again I’d have to stop at Mickey Ds and get another one.