First Post, First stop on Food Road Trip

So the first grub stop for lunch for me this trip had to be McDonald’s to see if they had the infamous lobster roll. Luckily a little town in New Hampshire had em!! For the price of one roll, being 8.99 and Adding a drink and fries for 2.99 more which is pretty steep for a McDonald’s meal for one. But compared to most lobster roll places isn’t that bad. I got it with out leaf and shredded lettuce cause I was going for the Luke’s lobster taste.. And I hate green food. It was fresh, cold lobster and a warm classic McDonald’s patty. There was about two claw pieces of lobster then what looked like lobster salad for the rest. The bun was very McDonald like. It was kinda stale and had sesame seeds on top. But I’d have to say the lobster did drowned out that stale bun taste. Overall I give it a solid 7.5/10 grub points, and if i was in New England again I’d have to stop at Mickey Ds and get another one. 

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