Universal Studios Trip Food Review

Our first stop when we got to Orlando was Universal City Walk which was walking distance from our hotel. We ate dinner at a classic spot Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. If you’re a fan of the movie this shrimp shack is decked out in movie props and all kinds of cool decor. The menu has lots of seafood and fun drinks that come in souvenir glasses you get to take home. I ordered the Steamed Crab Legs with fries $26. You get a pound of the crab legs steamed in garlic and herbs for market price. Nothing bad to say about my meal, the crab legs were perfectly cooked and the fries were fresh.

9/10 grub points




Next stop was in the park. Universal Studios is home to Simpsons Land which includes Moe’s Tavern and Krusty Burger. I was real excited to try the Krusty Burger $11 a second time since the last time i had it was in 2013. But unfortanetly for me it was the worst thing i had on the trip and probably the worst burger I’ve EVER had. It’s a pretty simple burger with cheese sauce and a secret sauce that resembles Big Mac Sauce, but the bun was old and the meat was cold. The curly fries on the side tasted burnt even with cheese sauce smoothered on them. Luckliy for me i got to wash it down with a nice Duff Beer $7.

2.5/10 grub points



Something i would reccomend to anyone who goes to Orlando has to be the Butter Beer $8 in Harry Potter World. It’s a delicous Butterscotch drink you can get cold or hot. I got the cold version which had this amazing whipped froth on top with a slushy like drink underneath.

8/10 grub points




Side notes (food i had no pictures for)

  • The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. Got a burger and sushi for lunch. 6/10 grub points
  • NBC Sports Grill & Bar. Wings, Beer Flights and Pizza. 6.5/10 grub points

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