First Time Trying In-N-Out Burger!! (Bucket List)

      This past May I had the honor of being in my cousin John’s wedding, which was in Fabulous Las Vegas, home of In-N-Out Burger. I have known of In-N-Out Burger for years and it has been number one on my must try cheeseburger list. I live in New Jersey so I don’t have the luxury of West Coasters who have them on basically every street corner. First thing I did when I got to my hotel room was find the closest location which was within walking distance. It was finnally happening, I get to try Animal Style and weigh in on the infamous Shake Shack vs In-N-Out debate!




When you first walk in it just looks like a McDonald’s mixed with a Five Guys. The line moved quick but there was no where to sit. We had to lurk around for a table becuase otherwise we would have had to eat standing up.  We ended up with a table and the food didnt take long to come out at all. I got a Double-Double cheeseburger and a side of cheese fries all Animal Style. Animal Style is on their secret menu and is basically a mustard grilled patty, extra In-N-Out sauce, grilled onions and pickles. You can get it on you fries too!


img_1401 (1)


I was super impressed by my burger. The actual patties were not anything special, just your normal fast food grill taste. All the toppings were fresh and well balanced. I normally like a plain burger but I devoured the whole thing. (no lettuce no pickles) The best part was their sauce. It’s a gourmet Big Mac sauce and it goes well with everything. The double-double and some fries was enough too satisfy my hunger, I proably could have went for another one, but I would’ve been full. My uncle Mark was kind enough to capture my first bite below. I think my expression is a good representation of how the burger was. It was so good I had to go back a second time on my trip.





My vacation in Las Vegas and knocking off the most anticipated spot on my food bucket list was unforgettable. I finally had tried all the burger big wigs. The hype for In-N-Out was real and was all true. However, in the debate on Shake Shake vs In-N-Out my heart stays on the East Coast and Shake Shacke reigns supreme!

In-N-Out 9/10 grub points

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