I’ve been eager to try Zinburger after I saw a Facebook post claiming Zinburger was the best burger in New Jersey. A couple months later a Zinburger was being built right by my house. And now here we are. First off it looks pretty cool inside. It feels like you are on the set of a Perdue Farms Commercial and the wait staff had weird farmer uniforms on. It’s got a nice bar, out door seating and fly covered window seats. But Zinburger’s first strike is… no bottle of ketchup on the table. That means im gonna have to ask for extra and its gonna take a while. But all that aside the menu is a la carte so no sides come with your burger. An average burger price is around 11$ and the sides 6$. You can also choose American Kobe Beef over Certified Angus Beef for an extra 5$. I got the Breakfast Burger which had a fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, american cheese and mayo with Kobe Beef for 16$ and a side of double truffle fries with truffle aioli, truffle oil and parmesan cheese for 6$. The bun and the cheese was the best part. The beef needed salt. the egg yolk was runny and not very good portioning of the toppings. The avocado to burger ratio was very low. But overall the burger was actually good and pretty big. The fries were good too. Fresh and defiantly hand cut. The cheese sauce was really good. The mac n’ cheese was okay, it had bread crumbs,  was real creamy with white cheddar cheese and had classic macaroni.


Overall if you are able to overlook the high prices and are looking for a good burger in a cool setting I’d suggest heading over to Zinburger.

Bring some Ketchup packets. 7.5/10 grub points







FullSizeRender (2)
Breakfast burger, Cheese Fries, Double Truffle Fries.



Side notes :

  • 1/2 wine bottle wednesday’s
  • 3$ kid meals.
  • lame rewards system
  • good lemonade


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