Last Stop Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock

The final stop, the place I’ve been waiting to go for probably a year now, Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock! Located in New London, Connecticut down a creepy industrial rode where only the locals would know about. Right on the water facing a bunch of boat slips. Little shack with lots of picnic tables for munching.

They have every type of roll, full lobsters, sides like French fries coleslaw and ice cream for desert. They have two types of lobster rolls as well. Warm and cold. The warm roll is just lobster meat and the cold is a lobster salad. There’s also two different sizes. Reg which is just on a hotdog bun and a large which is on a footlong roll. Of course I got a large warm lobster roll with a side of fries and a root beer. 15.95 for the large lobster roll, 5.95 for the fries and like 2.50 for a fountain drink. But the anticipation did not disappoint. The lobster meat was probably the best I’ve ever had. What I liked about it was there wasn’t a lot of butter on the bun so they were going strictly of the lobsters flavor. What was a little disappointing though was the bun. It was falling apart. It was more like a slice of bread then a bun. But any of the excess lobster that fell off I just put on my fries! The scenery, the food, defiantly gonna have me wanna go back! 8/10 grub points.

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